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Friday, April 07, 2006

Hi everybody

My name is Bao. I have been living in Saigon since I was born. My hobbies are : listening to music, surfacing on the Internet, playing games on computer, going out for drinkin' with my friends and travelling everywhere. Someones think of me being a difficult person because I talk a little and often smile when I meet them. It means my communication is bad. The reason why is I don't know what I should talk about. This is my disavantage, and it follows me up to now, special in studying other languages, so I'm very bad at speaking skill. Actually, I have been trying to change that way everyday....
Glad to meet and talk a lot with all of you.


Blogger HCMCBlogger said...

Hi! I'm very pleased you made it onto the blog! I love the picture - why did you choose it? I think it's nice that you smile so much and I don't think there's anything wrong with being quiet; however, it is most probably true that your spoken English will improve with practice. In class you can say anything you like, even if all you have to say is that you have nothing to say!

2:49 PM


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