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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Hi everybody
I'm Ngoc, nice to study with all of you in this semester, I hope we can help each other to improve our ENGLISH, ok?
As I told u before, I'm 20 years old .I study in Hochiminh city University of Industry (HUI).My university is far from my house so I usually go to school by bus. I like playing bowling, going to the cinema in free time. I also enjoy cooking, eating, sleeping too
If u want to know anything else 'bout me, just ask me ok
see u all


Blogger HCMCBlogger said...

Hello Ngoc! Thanks for the post. I really think that we can all help each other with English by writing on the blog. Let's see if we can
get the other students to join.

So, some questions for you:
what do you want to do after university?
are you reading anything in English at the moment?
do you know any good websites the class might be interested in looking at?
Write a new post with answers!

3:47 PM


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